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Hello, my name is Greg! I created this website to better inform the great people I meet what it is I actually do.

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Getting a website built or updated

Do you have a website that needs some updates done on it? Maybe you have a website idea and not enough time to go through all the trials and erros of learning how to code the web application from scratch. Websites are a great way for businesses and individuals to showcase what they're all about.

Yes you could just pay a small fee to get a generic website built from a third party website. The problem with generically built websites is they don't let you customize. What if you need a form built on your website with specific details built into it? How about a survey to get feedback from customers. These generic cookie cutter websites won't be able to help you customize the site to your specific needs. A thing most website owners want is cool functionality added to their website(s). Things like slideshows of important images and multi-layered navigational menus. Most generic websites don't provide such things while fitting your specific needs. Greg can not only make this happen for you, but make it happen at an affordable price.

Another problem with generically built websites is they most likely won't be able to save information collected online to a database. If this functionality is needed you will need to go to a professional. You want to make sure your website is secure as well. Working with a database requires experience to make sure you get the best performance and security. Get in contact with Greg to see how he can make this happen for you.

Greg's Bio

Greg is originally from Minnesota and moved to the New Orleans Louisiana area back in 2008 when he was stationed in the Navy. Greg liked NOLA, so he decided to stay and make his home in the south.

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Get help with SEO

Greg can help get your website Search Engine Optimized. Are you not getting the organic results you want? Does your website have a sitemap? If you need help with SEO contact Greg right away.

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It never hurts to ask a question. Feel free to contact Greg right away to see if he can answer any questions you may have. Or maybe you just need some edits done on your site. Greg can take care of that as well.

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